The R(h)um Bar

Here at Cane Rum Society the R(h)um Bar is a very important part of our DNA.  Our bar team lead by bar manager Dominic Williams are trained professionals with R(h)um being at the core of our cocktail program. We specialise in a batch cocktail program so no matter what day you visit us your cocktails will always taste the same no matter who is working.

Hours upon hours are spent refining our cocktail menu on how we can make our cocktails taste better but also how we can serve them faster so that you don’t have to wait too long for your cocktail. If you are curious about rum and would like to know more, the bar team can also give you that much needed guidance on how to navigate our extensive rum Bible with over 2000 rums to choose from.

We host weekly events, and DJ nights every Friday & Saturday.

Tiki Tuesdays The rum Lovers

Lillordag with Plantation Rums


Single & Mingle



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